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Faking It (MTV) | First Kiss and Season Promo


all of you that were together from the very beginning
when the glee club was just a dream

we share this special bond

we’re the only ones in the world who know what this glee club meant to us

what it felt like to sing together

to be together

and what it feels like to say goodbye to it

I didn’t come here to cheer you up

just to thank you

to thank you for going on this ride with me

I think it’s so important that women really focus on encouraging and empowering other women. That’s definitely something that people struggle with in [the entertainment] business and in this industry, and that the media especially likes to bring attention to in a negative way. It’s so important that we empower one another because it’s hard enough being a woman! We could use all the support that we can get from each other.
Lea Michele  (via littlegleeprincess)

(Source: girlmworld)

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